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Roland Graham "Grenada" Collection

Poster highlighting Maurice Bishop’s visit to Trinidad and Tobago
The People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) came to power in Grenada when Maurice Bishop and the New Jewel Movement overthrew Eric Gairy's Government in 1979. The PRG, which was Marxist in outlook, aimed to confront imperialism and dependency and sought to establish social and economic independence in Grenada. An internal struggle for power within the PRG led to the death of Maurice Bishop and other members of his Cabinet in 1983 and the subsequent intervention of the United States to restore order on the island.

This collection comprises books, serials, pamphlets and a few newspaper clippings, all related to the time period when the People's Revolutionary Government was in power on the island of Grenada. Of particular interest are the speeches of the later Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop, and other government ministers. The collection also includes a fairly extensive run of news releases covering the period when the People's Revolutionary Government was in power.

The collection was amassed by Roland Graham of Trinidad, who was particularly interested in the events in Grenada at the time of their occurrence. He donated it to The University of the West Indies.