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Engineering Village 2 provides access to today's most important engineering data sources through one single interface:

Patents from USPTO and esp@cenet
Techstreet Standards

Compendex® is the most comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering database in the world with almost seven million records referencing 5,000 engineering journals and conference materials dating from 1970. The database is updated weekly.

CRC ENGnetBASE gives you online access to some of the world's leading engineering handbooks. Currently, more than 140 titles are available. Explore technical concepts in depth by entering your query.

esp@cenet provides access to:
Patent applications in their original language fromThe European Patent Office and The World Intellectual Property Org. (PCT)

Patent applications with an English abstract and title from
Worldwide - 30 million documents Japan

Browse the European Classification or find Classes using Keywords

USPTO allows you to search over six million records from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patents are fully searchable from January 1, 1976 to date.

Techstreet Standards provides books, standards, training and software for technical minds from:

500,000 Titles
10,000 Publishers
93,000 Downloadable Documents

Scirus allows you to locate scientific information on the web because it:

Focuses only on web sites containing scientific content - quickly pinpointing key data by targeting sites that conventional search engines cannot find, such as university Web sites and author homepages.
Searches both free and journal sources - saving you time by covering over 135 million science-related pages, consisting of 120 million Web pages, as well as 17 million records from sources such as ScienceDirect, MEDLINE on BioMedNet, Beilstein on ChemWeb, BioMed Central, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, US Patent Office, E-Print ArXiv, Chemistry Preprint Server, Computer Science Preprint Server, Mathematics Preprint Server, CogPrints and NASA.
Locates peer-reviewed articles - ensuring you do not miss out on this critical information source by finding more peer-reviewed articles than any other search engine.
Delves deep into Web sites - revealing valuable information by digging far deeper than most search engine 'spiders' or 'crawlers' and indexing complete documents.
Reads non-text files - allowing you to locate vital PDF and PostScript files that so often are invisible to other search engines.


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