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  Mission Statement

The University of the West Indies Digital Library Services Centre (DLSC) is dedicated to the production, maintenance, delivery and preservation of digital information resources in support of the University's teaching, research and learning goals.

Materials collected in UWIspace include research journal articles, preprints and postprints undergoing peer review, and digital versions of theses and dissertations, other digital material generated during academic life, such as administrative documents, course notes, or teaching or learning material.

It is hoped that our institutional repository might:

  • create global visibility of The University of the West Indies 's scholarly research;
  • place content in one location;
  • offer open access to institutional research;
  • store and preserve other institutional digital material, such as unpublished or "grey" literature that can be easily lost for example, technical reports.

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Location: Room 224, Main Library, The University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.
Phone: (868) 662 2002 X 4243

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